So the world has seemed to say to me, "Good morning, Lauren! Welcome to the worst day of your life!"
I hate depending on technology to organize my life. Because, as evidenced by last night, it can go kaput with a little splash of tea. I mean, C'MON ATHENA (my MacBook), a BOOK could handle a whole GALLON of tea.


I'm miserable, I tell you, miserable.
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I've noticed there's a spot on my left eyebrow where no hair grows in, just to the left of where the arch should be. I don't remember if I've cut it on something or what, but hair just refuses to get in there. Right below the spot there are two gangly hairs that I desperately want to pluck, but if I do my eyebrow will look even more sparse and random than it already does.

I long for an eyebrow transplant, really.
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dream journal 2

I don't remember where it started, but someway through I ended up at some kind of summer-camp/school. I was with Alexis, and apparently there was a class about, and taught by, Flight of the Conchords. It took place in an amphitheater, and we ended up sitting towards the back. I don't remember much of the class, except that near the end the boys were playing a couple songs. For whatever reason I took out a guitar and was playing along.
The class ended, the students dispersed, I put away the guitar, and Alexis and I were making our way to the canteen. At the bottom of the stairs, Jemaine stopped me (I dunno where Bret was), and was like,
"You're really quite good, I saw you playing."
Alexis had stopped with me, and it was then I noticed she was wearing a white v-neck and red, 70s style track shorts.
So Jemaine and I were chatting, and I was persuading Alexis, who was standing besides us in awe, to go on to lunch without me. So Jemaine finished up like, "So yes, really good. Even on the chorus-- very nice! See ya!"
And in my head, separate from my dream, I was thinking That's odd, you were only copying their movements rather than really playing. And then my dream mind was like, shut up.
So we finally made our way to the canteen, and Alexis was dithering on and on in my ear, not making much sense. I think she mentioned Guitar Hero at that point, and I just kind of swatted her off. So we sat down for lunch. The Conchords came back in and played a small set for the diners, at the end of which Jemaine gave me a little wink.
At the end, Alexis went off to her next class (which was in the canteen, behind a curtain). I finished up my lunch and kind of turned to where Alexis's class was, and the curtain opened and the professor was talking to all of us now. It was actually pretty cool, it was pretty much everything yo could want to know about the universe. Someone would ask this huge, worldly question and the professor was like, "Oh, yes, that..."
After that it gets kind of blurry, but I do remember driving off to a modeling competition (a la America' Next Top Model), that took place... in a mall? I think? There were also other modeling things going on, but our set-up was behind a display for a fake modeling thing, so we wouldn't get bothered by people who liked the show. We were supposed to be getting our hair straightened, and I guess I was running late because I got pulled and shoved into an empty hair station. They started brushing out and straightening my hair, at which point the dream kind of blacked out. I woke up, in the dream still, and stumbled to my feet. Everyone was gone and my hair was a mess. I figured I must of blacked out, and kind of went on my way.
So I got back to the summer-camp/school and I had another class with Alexis but I don't remember what it was. As we were coming out, Jemaine was there holding a box. He held it up to me kind of shyly, and was like, "Here's this, I think you'll find it useful."
We chatted some more, and I hadn't looked at the box yet. And walked off, saying, "Yes, so... see you."
I looked down at the box, and it was some kind of software tutorial program for the computer. And I was like, "WHUUUUT?"
And then I woke up.
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oh for fucks sake

so I stayed up writing this bloody stupid essay (with a dreadful cold) and go turn it in and the server is fucking down so I don't know if I can get it in on time. Oh fuck you. Fuck you very much.

(I said, puck you, miss!)

Anyways, yes, I could have been getting a bit of shut-eye but non. Guugh. Damn this cold. I'll download a Ricky Gervais audiobook and then try after... that.

What a miserable day it's been.
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I think I'm going to start recording my dreams. Because they're weird. Really weird. I'm sure everyone else's are too, but I would like to look back and say, "Damn, that was weird."
Some notable dreams I've had:

-When I was young I had two sets of recurring dreams: one where I'd just see lights dancing, much like when you rub closed eyes or after images. It just went on till I was asleep. And for years I had this dream where I was sliding down one of those tube slides, and I could see different things pass in these porthole windows on the slide, but I could never get to them
-When I was in first grade, I had a dream that my class and I went to a natural history museum with our after school caretaker, Ms. Pea. There was a huge, beautiful dinosaur exhibit going on... seems normal, right? Oh, right, until aliens attacked the museum and turned Ms. Pea's head into a coat hanger.
-When I was about twelve, I had one where I was sitting on my bed, listening to Justin Timberlake's new single, Rock Your Body. Suddenly, Justin himself came into my room singing it all smexy like and then he came and sat on my and was singing it and then we made out for a really long time. It was hot.
-A couple of years back I had one where me and one my good guy friends became gypsies on a hippie bus with a traveling, gypsy family band. He played guitar, and I played tambourine and we traveled all around the country performing at sold out music festivals. It was actually pretty fuckin' awesome. Then, later in that same dream I became pregnant and gave birth to a 17 year old Harry Potter. In a pool. Surrounded by my gypsy family, with my best friend as the midwife. Yeah.

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